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    DB Auctions welcomes all new buyers, whether trade or members of the general public. But before you are buying on an auction auction, it is very important that we are sure you understand a few things…..

    • You must have an account with either bidspotter.co.uk or ibidder.co.uk to be able to bid on a lot. You can view lots for free, but cannot bid without an account; in order to open an account you must be 18 or over.
    • Remember there is VAT at 20% plus a ‘Buyers Premium’ added to each lot, so make sure you understand the total cost when you bid.
    • All lots are ‘sold as seen’, please make sure you have read the description of the item carefully, there are no refunds under any circumstance. The Sales of Good Act 1979 does not apply on auction, so you therefore do not have the same rights that you would be entitled to with a normal retailer. For this reason we highly recommend attending the viewing day for any items you are interested in. For most auctions we release the auction catalogue at least a week before the auction opens.
    • Sign up to our free mailing list to receive an email each time a new auction catalogue is uploaded.
    • If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, according to the Auctions and Bidding Agreements Act you are legally bound to buy the lot.
    • Please read our Terms and Conditions before placing a bid.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available by phone, chat or email.

    Always be sure to fully read the descriptions. Items are always sold as seen. Viewing days always recommended. Any question about item, call us.


    Each and every car that we put on auction goes through a  series of very strict tests by our car engineer specialist.

    We put a lot of efforts into the description to make it as accurate as possible.

    We strongly recommend all potential buyers to use their right to see teh car before you place a bid.

    If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.



    Buying jewellery and watches online is always very difficult, that is why we put a lot of efforts to bring you as many details as possible on each item.

    Here is a short description of the process that every item goes through before going onto one of our auctions. 

    1. We ask the vendor to send the item in to be checked by one our specialist.

    2. We are checking:

       2.1 Jewellery :

       2.1.1 We are making the material is a described: Gold (what carat?),Silver,Platinum,copper, Stainles steel, etc

       2.1.1 Prescious stones: Size,Color,Clarity,shape. Total carat.

        2.1.3 We check the value of the jewellery to make sure it reflects a fair the reserve price.

       2.2 Watches:

         2.2.1 We are checking the authenticity of the watch. Every single watch is opened by one of our experts. 

         2.2.2 We are checking the watch is not reported stolen or lost.

         2.2.3 We comitted to make our best efforts tomake sure the description of the watch and its condition are as accurate as possible. 

         2.2.4 We are checking the market value of the watch to make sure the reserve price is as fair as possible so that you can get a good deal.

      3. Handbags.

         1. We check the authenticity of the bag.

         2. Each bag goe sthrough thorough examination to make sure we give you an accurate report of its condition.

         3. We check the value of the bag to ensure that the reserve price is as fair as possible so you can get a good deal.


    Clearance is a very genral terms that covers a very vast range of products.

    We manage to get our hands on many clearance deals but we have a very tough internal policy and only take products that are of top quality at a very low price. Our clearance sections is full of bargains. GARANTEED.

    Our clearance stock goes in and out of our warehouse very fast. Make sure you keep you follow us on social media and keep checking our website so you never miss a good deal !